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Hi CD,

One of our students is trying to port our game into Autodesk synthesis and is running into some trouble. I have no experience with it so am not very much help. He asked me to post this on his behalf:

Our team is trying to use Autodesk’s Synthesis program to recreate our game for the 2021 Game Design Challenge. While I have been able to export the field successfully multiple times, with our game pieces working as dynamic objects, but I haven’t been able to properly set up the dynamic objects as game pieces.
To elaborate, in Autodesk’s tutorial for field exporting (found here: Creating your Own Field with the Synthesis Field Exporter), they have a checkbox in the dynamic section for “game piece” (see image one), but when I use the exporter, that option is not there (see image two).
I have tried the following things to fix this:

  1. Updating Synthesis and Inventor to the latest versions (Inventor 2020 and Synthesis 4.3.3, from both the Synthesis github page and Autodesk page)
  2. Went through the tutorial an innumerable amount of times.
  3. Made sure all of the elements the robot will interact with are on the highest level of the assembly in Inventor.
  4. Watched the Synthesis tutorial videos (which were outdated) and searched around to see if I could find any other resources.
  5. Made sure I had a weight input and tried with box, sphere, and mesh colliders.
  6. I looked at the files of the pre-made fields, and it looks like my exports don’t have the “field_data” xml file, while all of the other games do. This is also where the information about game pieces and robot spawn points is stored. I am not sure how to fix this or why it isn’t making the file.

I feel like there is something very obvious that I am missing, and I appreciate any and all input or help! Thank you!



We had to download the Source for 4.3.3 not the latest source, and compile the field_exporter project. Then run this while Autodesk has your field design. This gave you the checkbox to assign an element as a Game Piece. Let me know if you need help.

Edit: Here is the link. Release Season 2020 Release · Autodesk/synthesis · GitHub

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