Help with autonomous mode!

I need help in the autonomous mode. I’m new to Labview and i don’t know what to do.My team is counting on me to get this part done. can anyone help me with understanding/ getting started with autonomous mode ?

Please and Thank you.

What are the team goals for the autonomous period?

Start with an English description of the action sequence you want the robot to perform. We will likely ask many more questions, but can help to provide code snippets and code reviews.

Greg McKaskle

We want to be able to move FWD and track the hot target and shoot into the target.

What you can try is a basic flat sequence autonomous. You can have the robot move forward by using a timer shown in the autonmous example in the cRIO project. When that has finished its execution, the flat sequence should then move on to the shooting part. Now you can use a camera to detect the retroreflective tape, and when the camera sees it, that gives the command to shoot. I can’t exactly show how to track the tape since I have not played around with vision processing ever. Encoders and a gyro though can help give more control over the robot for autonomous.

Thank you, I tried it out. Someone else is working on the camera part so Ima talk to him about setting it up.

You may also want to consider analyzing the image for hot/not at the beginning of auto. Your team can decide whether your robot will rush and get to the hot goal before it changes … or take your time and head for the soon-to-be-hot goal and get lined up.

As mentioned, encoders and other sensors are quite helpful when trying to know how you are moving on the field. Cameras shouldn’t really be the only sensor on your robot.

Also, keep in mind that as the robot moves closer to the wall, at some point the camera will see less and less of the field. Simplistic vision code will lose the target and will not be able to tell you where it went. The simulator can give an idea of where this will happen.

Greg McKaskle