help with autonomous

I have been working on getting a third arm working in autonomous. I am using labview and cant figure out how to get a third arm to move independently form the drive motors. i have the motor named, but because it is not a drive motor using more than one PWM i cant get it working in autonomous. can anyone help? thank you in advance.:confused:

  1. How is the motor Opened?
  2. How is the motor controlled?
  3. Can you post code? We can help you debug the mistake.
    Here is what a simple arm motor setup should look like:

OK. Is there a way to do that in autonomous?

It depends on what your code looks like for Autonomous and what you want to happen.
Here is one approach. The Arm and Drive are coordinated with one another in this approach.

If you are just starting with the default code Autonomous, then there’s a little more to describing that.
Here’s a simple sample, but it doesn’t replicate the Array of drive movements. It’s not too difficult to do that way, too.
There’s no coordination with the drive movements using this method. In this example the drive and arm are operating completely independently.

P.S. There’s another one using the style in Alternative 2 to synchronize the drive and arm movements.


In the first picture. Why did you disable the safety config for the drive motors? What benefits do you get from doing that?

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The Motor Safety disables the motors if the motor vi isn’t called faster than every 100ms. It’s more intended for a loop of constant motor setting even if the motor value isn’t changing.
This style is set and leave until changed.

I have set up my program almost exactly like yours (the names are personalized) but it still wont move my arm.

file:///E:/Screenshot%20(4).png this is what my autonomous program looks like. could anyone tell me what i may have done wrong, because it still isn’t working.

Sorry, I would show you my auto but i dont know how to post it as a picture off my flashdrive. ::ouch::

You can post it on a third party site like imgur, then use the img] tags

OK. Thank You.

This should be the program. If there is a problem, notify me, please. It’s an issue on my end. :smiley:

The code looks okay.

What is your Auto Selector set to and what do you have in the other cases?
You might be running a different case and not the Default one.

I actually had to implement my code into the default program, because it was not working originally and now i am not capable of getting the arm to work. but the wheels will turn.

Here’s a better way to post LabVIEW code.

  • Highlight all the code (left-click hold and drag to capture everything)
    = From the Edit meny choose “Create VI Snippet from Selection”
  • Save the image file it produces
  • Post that image file on imgur

That looks like any other image, but the meta data saves the actual code.
It’s a lot easier for us to take a look that way.

So, you removed or commented out ALL code in the other cases? Will this work?

ignore that. my formatting is off. :frowning: