Help with calendar

For the our website we need a javascript that finds out what day it is, and then writes relevant data. Our times that we meet vary, and it would be a big help!

The part that I most confused with is using the date() function. I know how to get the date, time and the sort, but am lost as to how to make the script do different document.write() according to what day it is.


Also check out the new site!

First of all, let me point you to the w3schools website. They have a lot of useful tutorials on web-related topics - for your case they have a good date object reference.

Second, you can use the getDay() method along with a switch statement to do what you want. See below

var d = new Date();
switch(d.getDay()) {
    case 0:
        //do Sunday stuff here
    case 1:
        //do Monday stuff here
    case 6:
        //do Saturday stuff here

Hope that helps.

ok thanks! ill check out w3c