Help with cRio II

We are a rookie team and we need a lot of help in this subject I am also new to the forum so i apologize if this post doesnt belong here.

our team has been having a lot of trouble since there are no manuals and the ones we find are for the older cRio version. We would truly appreciate if you could help us with our problem.

Also when we try to download there appears to be no connection is that a problem with cRio or with the program???

The Getting Started with the 2012 Control System document from the Kit of Parts website has been updated for the cRIO II (it covers both).

Where have you found the outdated information?

You’re in the right place, no sweat about that.

My question for you that will help us help you: What is your setup? i.e., is everything powered, how are you connected from your computer to the cRIO, and anything else you can think of that will help us to figure out the problem.