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I am from team 5538 and we are having some issues with our autonomous this year. We wrote the code fine but we are having issues with selecting the auton type from the drop down menu in the drivers station. We have uninstalled and installed it multiple times (version 20.0) and it still isn’t working. Has anybody had this issue before and do you guys know of any solution? We have started thinking about a physical/analog switch on the actual robot because we have heard this option is less finicky. Would that be better? Do y’all have any recommendations on which switch would work best?

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What type of driver station are you using? (Smart Dashboard, Shuffleboard, or the default) you also need to add a command in the robot container to the auton chooser

We currently use the SmartDashboard. As for the code, we have been trying to use the SendableChooser method but to no avail

Edit: We have been using the Default but are open to changing

I highly recommend Shuffleboard.

However, before you change, if you posted your code we could probably help see what the problem is. Using something like makes it easy for us to see or if your code is small enough, if you put triple ` around it when you post it, it formats it nicely.

This is true only if you are using the recommended set up for a command based robot. If you are using a timed/iterative based robot, the logic uses ends up in

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Here’s our whole code in GitHub. I’m pretty new to this programming team and I’m not sure what you need to look at. Also, apologies if it doesn’t work, I’m new to GitHub.

One thing I notice as a difference between your code and ours (4681) is that you don’t have a SmartDashboard.putData("Auto choices", m_chooser); line in public void robotInit() and a few differences in autonomousInit() as well.

I don’t have experience with using switches as an autonomous chooser. I think this works. I would also make the code a bit more compact (there’s a ton of whitespace and coments) but overall, it’s coming along! Good luck!

Could you expand further on your reasons for this statement?

Shuffleboard is one of the most customizable dashboards and has full support of the WPI dev team. Unlike SmartDashboard, shufflrboard is laid out using a grid, making it a lot easier to position things and not worry about something hiding behind something else.

One big plus for us is also the fact that you can position widgets completely programmatically. The drag and drop functionality is great, but as a programmer, I prefer the ability to set the position and size of each element in the program so we don’t have to worry about saving some JSON file.

Shuffleboard has so many widgets that you won’t even have the chance to use all of them. The shuffleboard library built into WPILib makes utilizing any widget you want very easy and robust.

The multiple tabs is great to organize stuff.

I haven’t used the recording feature, but I’m sure it’s great for debugging. Also, graph widgets are great for debugging.

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