Help with Eclipse in Linux?

I followed all the steps on the WPI page to to get started wih FRC Java Programming,including installing all the development tools and the FRC plugin, but when I go to create a project, I don’t have the option of creating a WPI Robot Project.

What version of Linux are you running? I’m personally running Ubuntu 14.04 with eclipse along with the java plugin.

Hi! What version of Linux do you use? I’m running RHEL and it is working fine for me. I had some issues getting familiar with Eclipse but none like the one you are describing. What steps do you take to create a new robot project? (Aka what do you click on in your quest to make a new robot Java project)

I’m using elementary os. I click on new>project to create a new project but I don’t get the option of creating a robot project. I get the option creating a java project but not a wpi robot project.

Click on new, then project, then Other, which will bring up a window. Scroll down and maximise the WPI Robot Java window, then click on Robot Java Project.

I have Eclipse/WPILib installed on Ubuntu and also on Elementary OS. Both work fine for me.

My first guess is that the plugin didn’t install correctly. Plugin installation should have created a directory in your home directory called “wpilib”. Also, try going to the Help menu and selecting “Installation Details”, which will pop up a dialog window. Under the “Installed Software” tab, you should see “Robot Java Development”. If “wpilib” or “Robot Java Development” are missing, you should revisit the installation procedure.

When I click on File/New/Project I see the following in Eclipse Luna:

If you don’t then I agree that for some reason your plugin didn’t install correctly.


Click File > New > Other > (WPILib Robot Java Deveopment) > Robot Java Project

Not just Project. Also, ctrl+n should get you there.