Help with electron dashboard client

Our team developed a React and Electron based dashboard and have used this dashboard in the last two seasons. This season we have had a lot of problems with the roborio communication because of the new Networktables 4. We switched to a new library @Chris2fourlaw for robot communication and it has worked great be we have a problem when this order of actions happens:

Dashboard is opened

Dashboard writes to some topics on startup

Dashboard prints to console: Topic {topicname} is not announced, so it cannot be updated (when this happens the shuffleboard shows the entries and values that where written to)

Robot code is deployed and all topic are cleared

Robot reads from entries that the dashboard just wrote to

Robot tries to write to those entries but they stay just as they were

From what we’ve gathered this happens everytime a topic is written to from the dashboard before it is written to from the robot so we tried writing to all the topics a default value on startup but this doesn’t fix the problem that I explained above.
We used the library exactly as explained in the Readme in the same order.

What version of WPILib are you using for robot code? This sounds like it could be [ntcore] Special-case default timestamps by PeterJohnson · Pull Request #5003 · wpilibsuite/allwpilib · GitHub, which was part of the 2023.3.2 release. We will likely release 2023.4.1 today which will fix a couple more NT issues as well.


Thank you very much!
We are currently on 2023.3.2.

Ok. This sounds like it may be an issue with the TS library then? Does everything look correct when you use another client like OutlineViewer?

Thanks for the ping on this, could you DM me some code to reproduce? Or even better, open an issue on the GitHub for this please?

Hi @itamarsch,

Please try version 0.2.0-beta.1.

I was able to reproduce that warning when there wasn’t a robot connection, and I discovered that I was queuing value updates to the wrong queue. It should be working now


Amazing! Thank you very much!

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