Help with excel

Basically I’m trying to tell excel to reference to another worksheet to figure out how many qualification points a team should get. To get a basic idea, this is what I have so far :
Any hep would be much appreciated.

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Yes, thats what i was hoping on doing. What should I do to change that?

Sorry I read it wrong. I thought u wanted individual scoring rather than just the RP and QP of each team. I see what you want to do now. I am working on it right now. It has to do with your box. I am trying to make it to

EDIT: I can get =IF(IF(68=Sheet1!T25,Sheet1!U17,0),(IF(68=Sheet1!U25,Sheet1!U17,0))) to work but anything beyond that isnt working the least bit. Ill work on it later tonight.


Ok, thanks a lot for the help, I really appreciate it


How about


That this will only be used to track one match at a time. If you want to collect across sheets then a VB macro is probably in order. I think I have something similar from last year that can be recycled.

That is exactly what I was thinking. I was thinking you would have to macro it because the way it is formatted right now it will only work for one sheet for one match at a time making his whole set up kind of useless. Maybe if he wanted to do it similarly without a macro he could make about 50 matches or rounds worth of records but I beileve what you suggested would be the best. Thanks for helping.



I decided to abandon excel if statements last night and went straight to VB code. So thanks for all your help, I think I’ve got it now.