Help With Finding CNC Router Bits + Material, along with Resources

Hello -
My team got an Omio cnc router last season, and have been using it for the 2022 season. The person who knew how to use it recommended to use Baltic birch on the cnc. However, they aren’t here, and although they did teach some of us how to use it, we’ve all kind of forgotten and have to relearn.

This is a two request post-
If anyone has any resources for use with operating the Omio cnc router, (I believe it is the one that most teams use, but will get the actual model tomorrow) they would be greatly appreciated.
Additionally, I have seen everywhere on CD that most people recommend using Baltic birch wood. My question is where would our team be able to get a supply of that. Additionally, what bits for the router would we need (are they different from metal or polycarbonate bits?) And where would we get them?

Thanks for any help you give!

This thread should be a good start:


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