Help with Gallery2!!

I have a problem with Gallery2. I use it for our website, It’s not integrated with our cms, mambo. The problem is, that on one of the galleries (its called IS 218 @ Westinghouse), it keeps giving me a “This theme has not yet been configured” error. When i keep configuring it, it either resets, or just doesn’t save. Cookies are on and everything, and it doesn’t happen with any other gallery!

Help please.

the link is

hah i got it… it was the cache in gallery2… you have to manually clear it… that really sucks though, because then end-users will have to constantly refresh…

if anyone has any suggestions on how to automatically do that w/ gallery2, please let me know.

I’d recommend taking a few of your best pictures from each event/category and presenting them in a different way as highlights. Then have a link to the gallery2 page from there.

Having a few really great shots is better than tons of decent shots with the great ones buried among them.

Edit: Doh, I see you have that kinda on your About FIRST page. I suggest moving a couple of those pics over to About Team 354 and keeping the Lightbox script.