Help with Gates gears and belts

Hello everyone! We have being using the Gates belts (800-5M-15 , 655-5M-15 , 1270-5M-15) since 2012, but we are running out of the hubs now and we can’t find it anywhere because the Gates stopped selling those : ( Can anyone help me find something that would fit the belts please? The following pictures are the gears we are using now.


What size are they? like, the width of the area where the belt sits. How many grooves? what size hole?

I have a few here with different widths and tooth counts.


seem to be the part numbers for 15 and 20 groove versions.

btw they are called sprockets, not gears, so if you use the correct term you might have better luck searching?

I think they are actually called timing pulleys.

Vexpro sells a line of products with similar functionality. My team and many others have had good results with those.

Yeah, I usually call them pulleys, but Gates calls them Sprockets, so if you are looking for new ones for sale, it might help to use the name that the manufacturer uses?

Actually, Gates calls them both. However, it looks like they differentiate pulleys from sprockets in the sense that sprockets transmit torque to the shaft it’s on and pulleys don’t (via bearings, aka idlers). So in Gates terminology, OP is looking for sprockets.

At any rate, check here: for HTD sprockets. However, as mentioned before, check out Vex and AndyMark, because they still carry HTD sprockets. SDP/SI also has HTD sprockets (SDP/SI calls them Metal Timing Pulleys, even shaft torque-transmitting ones). They carry both inch and metrique. I would, however, look into upgrading to the PowerGrip GT2/GT3 line of sprockets and belt.

On a local Gates supplier’s web site, I have seen them referred to as sheaves. (That should be pronounced to rhyme with gives, not leaves.)

Thanks everyone! You guys really helped a lot! :slight_smile: