Help with getting good music for videos

Hi, I’ve been trying to get some good music for my teams reveal video for a while and I was wondering if anyone had some advice for getting good copyrighted music. If there is a certain company that is easy to work with. Also how does your team pay for copyrighted music?

Honestly, I just pick a song and use it. The worst that happens is that they ‘demonetize’ your video and play an ad before it, which usually isn’t of any concern, collecting ad revenue for the songmaker. I’ve never had one of our videos taken offline or had to pay a fee, and I’ve used a LOT of copyrighted music in my videos.

If it is a smaller indie artist, it is normally respectful to reach out and ask them if you can use their music for a video, especially if they have not filed for copyright on it yet.

Finally, I tend to pull music from non-copyrighted sources, such as “No Copyright Sounds” which has a lot of great EDM music. Im sure there are other sources as well.


Anything by The Score tbh


I have, usually from match vids though. Avoid AC/DC at all costs.

You can quickly see if your song will be blocked here, and thats usually the one of two things i worry about, apart from making sure I dont use an overused song (Fall Out Boy and The Score come to mind on avoiding for FRC vids.)

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Random thought, you might be able to use music from the Free Music Archive. It won’t be as mainstream, but freely licensed.

i just use music and youtube seams to not care its been up for a few months

Even though you probably won’t get the video taken down you should still always credit the artist and you should get their permission.


Credit? Sure, always put the name of the song & artist in the description and at the end of your video. It also helps save my sanity if I want to find the original song too.

Get permission to use it? That’s going to be tough. Big name artists & their agencies probably won’t respond to individuals like us. Instead, they tend to deal directly with YouTube, who will copyright strike your video and put ads on it (a small penalty to pay in my opinion).

While there are some “classics” and regulars for songs used in reveals, recaps, etc. (i.e Songs by The Score and a couple other artists) our team went a bit unconventional with our song choice in more meme-y bumper reveals we made are a lot more of the conventional songs used in reveal/ recap videos I’ve watched: &
A good reveal song, however, in my eyes, has build up, a “climax” of sorts, but also following said climax, still keeps the hype/vibe going. I didn’t end up getting around to compiling the songs used in all the reveals of the last 2 years but I do have a sizeable Spotify playlist if you’d like me to DM it to you either for inspiration or to pick one of the songs on the playlist: I wouldn’t recommend every song on the playlist but it does serve as a good starting point imo in getting a feel of what you’d like your reveal video to look like, feel like, etc.


Another very good example of this would be 1619’s reveals. They don’t go mainstream but DANG the songs they choose cast the perfect mood to set the tone for the video. I really love the song they used for their reveal: A Baru in New York - Flume. They also use A decent amount of Illenium and 3lau, both of which are great artists to pick songs from for a reveal video.

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Hyper Potions has some good electronic music that is mostly safe for YouTube videos as long as you credit them. (Check the descriptions, some are licensed through labels)

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Ya if you could do that, that would be great! Thanks everyone for the help!

I’ve had YT instantly nab videos after uploading them.

FUN purchases a Monstercat license that white-lists both our Twitch and YouTube videos. The music might not be the style you are looking for but it’s a huge library.


Typically when you put someone’s music to your video, you need to get a couple of different kinds of licences. There’s a synchronization license, which allows you to actually put the video together. Then there’s the question of actually sharing or showing your video to the public. For that you’d need yet another license. I have actually done this before, I wanted to make a promo video featuring a prominent music artist so I contacted the publisher and told them what I wanted to do, the fee was quite reasonable ($150? Something like that).

The classic question is “Do I really need to license it? I’m just going to be using it for XYZ” (wedding, slideshow, school group, etc) and the classic answer is “yes, you do… but odds are you won’t get caught if you don’t”.

YouTube has made deals with many (but not all) music publishers to pretty much automate the licensing for you. They seem to have taken a stance of “well our users are doing it anyway, so we might as well roll with it”. So they automatically detect the song and then provide the revenue streams to the artist, after the fact (since you’ve already made the video). In cases where the artist has not made an agreement with YouTube, or if the video is deemed inappropriate, they’ll yank it. But that doesn’t mean that if they don’t yank the video, that you’re home free. There are a ton of videos where license agreements are not in place. Again, you might not get caught… but the artist also isn’t getting paid for their work.

I really like YouTube’s solution but it has a side effect of propagating the idea that you can just do anything you want with whatever music you want and share it with no consequence. Then people get upset because the first sign of trouble is when the video or stream is retroactively taken down. Remember this isn’t a case of “Big Music” stomping on the little guy. It’s other people trying to be fairly paid for their work.

If it’s for personal use, do what you want. If it’s a recap video to play at your end of year party, even though technically that requires a license, I imagine 99% of people don’t actually go through those motions. If it’s for a Chairman’s video or something you know is going to be published to be seen, you must make sure you’ve got permission to use the music.

Then there’s royalty-free music. Sometimes literally free, other times you pay a fixed price, which gives you the right to use the music in your videos. There are lots of good sites with collections of royalty free music. I like PremiumBeat, Envato Elements, AudioJungle. A lot of it sounds “generic” or corporate and it won’t have the cachet that you would get by using a song from a prominent artist. But maybe that’s what you want, as a backing track for your visuals. I do find that you tend to get what you pay for. There’s a ton of free royalty-free music out there but it often sounds, well, cheesy. I don’t mind paying a few dollars for good music that will have a good impact on my videos.


Here’s the playlist I made :smiley: With it being second semester of senior year, I have some more time on my hands right now so I’ll be working on adding more songs. Personally, our team has used it to verify if the songs we want to use have been used before but it also can help figure out what kind of vibe you want in a video (like I said prior).

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A. I am an author, and when people use my IP in their own stuff without my permission that’s known as “theft.” It’s not okay regardless of the rationalization, and that applies to the IP of musicians, too.

B. For our 2010 Chairman’s video we wanted to use the Star Wars theme. We wrote Lucasfilms telling them what we wanted to do with it and where it was likely to be played, and they sent us a letter back granting us permission to do so and wishing us luck.


Kevin MacLeod produces a load of royalty-free music under Creative Commons. It’s mostly instrumental, but there’s a fair amount of upbeat stuff that fits nicely with a reveal video.

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Ive had decent luck just picking a song that would be good for a reveal and let Spotify shuffle pick new ones. When I find ones I like, I add them to a playlist. While the songs haven’t been used yet, I have a couple good ones.

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Same here- our reveal songs playlist is songs that haven’t been used before and are found both through team members recommendations as well as the Spotify Algorithm :+1:

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