Help with getting good music for videos

Personally I think it’s more interesting to think outside of the box for a reveal theme. Find small indie artists with songs people won’t immediately recognize - they’ll be easiest to get in contact with, most likely to say yes, and you can get some really unique music.


100% agree but I prefer more edm style music for a reveal. I don’t usually pick songs you’ve heard a million times.

So YouTube already has bridged that gap via their Claimed Music Policy. YouTube must comply with copyright laws by issuing takedown notices if a user on its platform tries to use claimed music. That being said, because YouTube is such a popular platform for music, a significant amount of music producers end up allowing anyone on YouTube to use their music as long as the producer collects the ad revenue. That’s why YouTube has automatic algorithms to detect copyrighted music, instead of relying on their users to comply with the law. Its a win-win-win situation.

That being said, you should still seek out whether the artist has allowed their music on the YouTube platform first (otherwise you will wake up to find your video removed and have to completely remake it with ‘allowed’ music). If you aren’t using Youtube, then you would need to explicitly ask for permission or check the producer’s usage policy.

Thats awesome. I’d love my own letter or email from Lusicfilms, I’d frame that on the wall of our build space.

The student who wrote the letter kept the reply. As we don’t have dedicated build space, we were happy to let him have it.

As to the rest, just because Google has an AI on the job doesn’t mean that you, the person who has decided to use the music, doesn’t have an obligation to make sure that you have permission to do so.

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This applies to other copyrighted works other than music. For Power Up, one of our students wanted to dress up our judge’s binder by turning the front cover into a playable arcade game. We wanted to build and mount a Pi Zero running Retropie. We reached out to Konami and whoever owns Tetris (Atari at one point) to ask for permission. Konami said no, but it was a yes for Tetris. The students were very excited about this and even showcased the letter in the judge’s binder itself.

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Well, guess I’m not using the Avengers theme anytime soon on YouTube.

Wait, what the


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