Help with Gracious Professionalism Project

As teams are reviewing the photos and video they have taken this season, could you keep an eye out for instances of GP caught on camera? We all have our favorite stories of how FRC teams help each other out when in need. But how often do these things get captured for posterity?

I have in mind a video project which would show people unfamiliar to FIRST what Gracious Professionalism is all about. Not just tell them, but SHOW them. But, I’m doubtful that we have enough material in our archives to do the job. So, I’m crowd sourcing this to the CD community.

If you have pics or video that illustrate the concept of GP, could you pass them my way? Examples might be a video of a robot getting damaged on the field, then of multiple teams working on that robot to repair it. Or just a picture of multiple teams working to get a rookie bot to pass inspection.

Contributors would of course be credited, and the resulting video would be made available to the community for use in demos and recruiting.

This sounds like a really amazing project! I’ll definitely look through our media and get back to you.

Any luck?

It seems that Gracious Professionalism is like Big Foot or UFO’s. There are lots of stories, but no authenticated photos or video to serve as proof to the rumors. :slight_smile:


I will have our media team look for more photos of what we have done to win 4 Gracious Professionalism Award in the 6 regionals we have been to since our rookie year.

I added 3 photos to our facebook page under the album Gracious Professionalism.

I hope this link works,

Video link

Thanks for putting all of this together,

Mr. B.

I’ll try to find the picture, but I’m fairly sure a team gave us a part up north at Lake Superior. In one match part of our catcher/intake arm broke and a team (fairly certain it was 1816 Green Machine, as well as 2052 KnightKrawler, thank you!) gave us the exact part we needed. Here’s a picture of the “battle scars”: the whole metal rod had to be replaced, as it was obviously bent. We were almost not able to compete due to this, but thankfully we got the right piece in time.

KnightKrawler has been part of some GP moments in the finals matches of several events. From helping fix opponent robots to pointing out opponent robot issues before a match. I’ll work on gathering video (with good audio) and images, but here is an example already on youtube: link.
This is a great idea and we are happy to help.
Erica - Glad we were able to help!

Here’s a photo after Einstein of our mentor who worked with 5310 on Newton with a couple of their team members. (We have other photos too.)

And here’s a better view. Notice anything unusual about the intakes on the red alliance 1678 and 5310? Yep…