Help with ideas for pit designs

So my team’s pits are rather sad. I need help with thinking of new designs for ours teams pits. Some of the main design ideas involve painting our tool cart thing blue and making interchangeable banners for the sides and back. Also we were thinking of using a Canopy as the main part, then strengthening it so we can attach monitors to display pictures, info, ect. Also I have thought of smaller details to add in our logos and stuff in, but anyone else have any ideas?

Last year I designed a pretty simple PVC banner display, we were able to fit 2 8’ long banners on it, one for our sponsor and one for ourselves. I think the system worked really well, it was quick and easy to assemble!

If you can afford it, go with 80/20! It is easy to build, and easy to attach monitors, projectors, banners, pamphlet holders, curtains. If you can really afford it, you can order the 80/20 anodized your team colors (blue?). Plastic stacking shelves are a cheaper alternative, they are great for holding your crates and supplies.

^sounds cool. I am just in the idea stag right now so I have no clue what the budget is for the new pits, and yes, our team color is indeed blue