Help with installing OpenCV

Hello, This year on my programming team I was placed in charge of coding vision for this year’s robot. The problem is that I have been running into the some dead ends on trying to find a good guide telling me how to set up OpenCV V3 in Eclipse on Windows. Everything that I have found were instructions for installing OpenCV in an out of date version, which had some files organized in a different layout. Can anyone help list the instructions for installing the current version of OpenCV or a link to a up to date guide?

It looks like on OpenCV’s documentation, they have instructions for installing on Eclipse for Windows.

Thanks for posting this thread, now I know that 3.0 is no longer in alpha/beta :stuck_out_tongue:

Linked at the bottom of the screen is one of the updated docs for running opencv in eclipse.

EDIT: Be sure to get yourself a working C++ environment before you do the OpenCV stuff. It will make a lot of the unix specific stuff be abstracted out since you have covered yourself by ensuring it works on windows already (like compiler selection, and setting the PATH variables…).

As for “installing” on windows, the procedure is to run the self extracting binary (from their sourceforge page) and adding the [extracted_directory]\bin to your PATH environment variable. You can choose to do it for your system (set and forget, but long lecture about polluting the PATH variable) or you can set this directory to be referenced in your eclipse project, as referenced in the above tutorial. Unless you want to build your own binaries, most of the windows tutorials is just the first paragraph and the “setting up the environment” last quip with the PATH.

OpenCV is great, I have used it for my senior project in college. Once you cross the install hurdle, you are pretty much set. Good luck out there!

If you’re looking to run OpenCV on the RoboRIO, we’ve got you covered: