Help with JAVA programming

I’m from team 4371. I dont know if some of you could help me with some code example, because i’m beginning with this and i really confused about it. Would you help with some examples of a code please.
Thank you.

You can find all of our code for the past several years posted here. Do you have anything in particular that you need help with?

Hi! I’m one of the Java programmers from team 2399. What do you need help with? My team’s code is here: Let me know what more I can help with!

The code for our test not us here:
just a simple robot that runs a basic drive and elevator

Github. There are so many teams who use Git and Github to manage their code. You can just search for frc and find most of the teams accounts.

Here is 3946’s Profile:

There are also Arduino, Python, and PHP repos on our profile, so make sure you are looking at a Java Robot repo. We tend to name the Robot Repos the name of the game.

Have you looked through this yet?