Help with Joystick command

We are having an issue where a joystick command (Left and right trigger on XBox controller) are not working properly.

In the driver station, i can push the button and the signal is being read (i can see the signal on the screen) but when we probe the code, no signal is read… i cannot figure this thing out… We switch to a different controller and we have the same issue so we are pretty sure its in the code…

What programing language are you using?

Can you post a snapshot of your code and a description of what you expect it to be doing?

Coach Seb,
I had a chance to do a little work to your program since we last talked. I am posting a vi sniplet of your teleop code with the automated arm and winch removed. Use this as an example and go from there for further trouble shooting.

Your wires appear to be… missing…

Any reason why y’all are using the “Array to Cluster” and “Unbundle by Name” instead of using “index array” directly?

Wow, it shows up in Teleop, I posted an updated version. Also I use array to clusters and then unbundle by name because that is what I am use to using and haven’t completely adapted to using array to clusters yet. It also makes it a little easier to read.