Help with Joystick connections

I’m really a programming person, but I got stuck with the job of wiring our control board. I had a soldiering person help me attach the wires according to plan.

My problem is that, although the wiring seems correct and without shorts, I am getting an “Aux Fault” light on the OI when I plug it in.

Do you know all the reasons that may cause this to happen?

I will try to add a picture of the wiring between the two joysticks. I was told that I should wire them in series (ground pins 1,4 in the first joystick to power pin 12 in the second joystick. Is this how you are supposed to use them. It seems like it would not work if you simply connected the +5 Aux Power directly to both joysticks and then connected all 4 grounds back.



You are not placing any +5 AUX (Fuse F2) to either of the joysticks, there is no electrical flow through the joysticks!:ahh:

Also Note that when programming with this setup, joystick 1 would be using x=p2_x, y=p2_aux, and joystick 2 would be using x=p2_y, y=p2_wheel, at least with your current design.

What do you mean by not having any +5 Aux through the joysticks?

I have it wired to pin 12 (+5 Aux) in one joystick, and then from there, it is connecting the ground to the +5 Aux of the other joystick. Is that the part that is wrong?

If there wasn’t any current, how would that explain the Aux Fault (It does not give that when it is unplugged)?

Was I supposed to directly connect the +5 Aux to both joysticks? I thought that was illegal, but I am very likely wrong because I know only very basic circuts.

I’ll also try to ask the person who does electrical stuff tomorrow, because he has been sick this week.

The analog inputs may be reversed on the diagram (I quickly drew with Paint an older revision of my wiring plan). I have the correct diagram written down so I’ll code to fit that.

Thanks anyway for your quick response :slight_smile:

In port 2, the +5 aux is pin # 1, #12 is ground.
look here

Also, there is no rule against having the power go directly to both of them, you just cannot power it from another source:

Thanks so much!
The diagram I was using wasn’t clear on this, so it was wired backwards.
The box appears to work now! :slight_smile: