Help With Joystick Error

This is my first year in FIRST and I am the lead programmer for my team. I have not changed anything to the code that was given to us from the update. I am getting this error:

-44007 occurred at WPI_JoystickRefNum Registry>>
FRC: The RefNum you are trying to Get does not exist in this RefNum Registry.

I have looked all over the forums on chiefdelphi and on FRC forums and haven’t found anything.

On the driver station I am not getting any PWM change when I move the joystick. The ribbon cable is fixed and we are getting the Allen-Bradly to flash correctly which tells me that the sidecar is getting signals from cRIO. I have probed some areas of the program and TeleOp is not even starting, even after I have enabled the code on the driver station. Also the Joystick is not outputting X and Y values. From that I cannot configure my Jaguar.

I would really appreciate the help.

If you truly haven’t changed anything, that error should not be possible. Begin, Teleop, and Finish all use the same name for the one joystick Refnum used in the program.

How are you running the code?

Since you mention probing values, I assume you’re clicking the Run arrow at the top of the vi window. In order for everything to work properly, you must run Robot Main. It will call all the others (Begin, Teleop, Periodic Tasks, etc.) as necessary.

I am running the code like this:

I open the driver station to insure I have communication
Next I right click on Robot Main and click run

Then I see the light on the Driver station for robot code turn green.
And then hit enable.

I am completely lost because we followed all the steps.

The base code you are using ships 100% functional and perfect. Someone must have intentionally or accidentally edited the RefNum name of the joystick you are trying to Get in Ensure the name of the joystick you are trying to Get has the same RefNum name as the one you Open in, and as the one you Close in

The names must match exactly. A leading or trailing space, or a difference in capitalization, will keep it from working.

I got it. Thank you for the help. I had a file that was overwritten by mistake.