Help with LabView

Our team like most is brand new to labview, and when we try to follow along with the NI video, there is no robotics library listed, there is a WPI Robotics Library, but that does not include the victor function. I believe that we may have not instaled something correctly.

Any help would much appreciated.

Thank you.
Team 1254

Please see my post here. My advise has not changed.



The NI video uses the Beta version of LabVIEW software. Your WPI Robotics Library is more up-to-date. it’s the same thing, though some of the functions are in a different order. Look around, and all the same functions, or similar ones should exist, they’re just not all in the same spot.
For the victor, if you take, once you open the VI on your block diagram, you can select and toggle between jaguar and victor.