Help with last minute prioritizing

Hello CD! Team 5943 here!

We are currently at the Detroit World Championships, and we’re in a tough place. We were wondering if there were any team there that could give us some input.

We are currently trying to prioritize and decide what’s going to be more valuable/important to teams who have either already competed, or who are currently at champs with us. We are stuck between the decision to add a HAB 2 climb, or a hatch panel mechanism first. Because of the speed at which our team works, chances are we would only be able to get to one of them. We already have both of the mechanisms with us, and both are basically already ready to mount and wire.

Slowpoints with Hatch Panel mech:

  • Wiring
  • Where to place the solenoid
  • Not actually sure if the mechanism works yet

Slowpoints with HAB 2 climb:

  • Getting our piston and sideshield on.
  • making sure its mounted at the right angle
  • Not tested, but the math worked out.

Based on this, and what teams would want, what do you guys think the best way to go would be? We currently DO have a working level 3 cargo mechanism, and are really good at defense.

Thank you! We appreciate any help we can get at this point. Feel free to ask any questions if i was not clear about something, or you want some more information.

IMO, a hatch mech would be miles more valuable than a level 2 HAB climb.

Think about it - hatches make more places for cargo to be scored.
A level 2 HAB climb as opposed to a level 1 is only 3 more points.


All of this really depends on what you are branding yourself as to other teams. If you are aiming to be picked as a scoring robot, then adding a hatch mechanism is the way to go, however, if you are trying for a defensive pick then your best bet it to strengthen your endgame by adding the HAB 2 and continuing to build and display your defensive abilities.


The value of a hab 2 climb other than the 3 extra game points is the potential to contribute to the hab RP, IF there is no hab 3 climber on your alliance AND there is another hab 2 climber. This is a rather rare set of circumstances although it did come in handy for us at DCMP.

So you might want to do some scouting on your field, look at your match schedule if it’s out already, and see if you can help score an extra RP where you otherwise would not have been able to.

Since you are already really good at defense and can score cargo, I’d go with the climber.

Maybe it will work out great, but since you have some uncertainty about it, I’d stay way from testing a brand new mechanism in real matches, especially one that takes away from what you already do well. Spending a significant amount of time blocking the loading station trying to get a hatch panel will quickly get you scratched off team’s pick lists. I’d stick with your normal game, add the climber, and go back to the HAB an extra 10 seconds early to try out the level 2 climber.


By watching a little bit of your team it looks like marketing yourselves to be a defense bot is your best option. So this means you will want to probably have a hatch mech so you can do the front hatch in auto. With climbers being so many points most defense bots will want to stay as long as possible before heading back and unless it is a very fast climber maybe less than 3 sec from touching level 1, then it will not be worth the points that you could be preventing during the same time frame. If you have no vision for auto this might be another consideration, but if you have a camera hatch will net the most points.

If you are able to place a hatch in sandstorm that’s 5 points of value. That’s already more than the 3 you’d get for a hab 2 over a hab 1. Ideally you’d place a hatch in auto then go defend as long as possible, maybe even long enough to stop another team from getting a lvl 3, then speed back over in the last seconds for a lvl 1.


Have you considered jumping onto HAB2? Search for CBY (climb by yeet). If you have pneumatic tires and enough speed it is pretty reliable, so you can concentrate on HP.

2 bots on HAB2 and 1 on HAB1 is a RP!

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