Help With Layout

Our team was wondering if we had to use both fuse panels on the electrical wiring or can we just use one if thats enough. Thanks for your time and help.

-Team 1852

It depends on what amp breakers you’re going to use. You need a different panel to use a 40amp breaker, and then one for 30 and below.

or u can use a breaker panel like last years that had everything intergraded in to one panel

I’m not sure on the rules for a 40 A and 30 and below combuination board, nut you do need to use the seperate ones if yo uplan on using the kit board.

If you have last year’s board, you are allowed to use it as long as you account for in in cost.

i think it OK to use one for the 40 amp and second for the 30 and below
so you use only to of the kit board

Team 1852:

The gold panel given in the kit is for 40 Amp fuses (needed for CIMs, for example) and the other panel in the kit is for 20 or 30 amp fuses. If you have the breaker panel shown here, you don’t need to use either of the panels given in the kit, because you can fit the 40A fuses and the 30/20 fuses, too!


Team 1852