Help with lidar code

Me and my team barely got our first lidar and we would like help on how to code it, and/or run it.


From the other thread you said that you are using the LIDAR-Lite v3 Laser Ranging Module. This is a I2C sensor, so you would connect it up to the I2C port of the Roborio. To do this you will need to read the Technical Manual.

I have one of these, though I have not hooked it up to the Roborio, the place I purchased it from was Sparkfun. They have some very good documentation on it. I would read the documents on

If I was going to connect it to the rio, I would start with the Arduino Code from Sparkfun and convert it over to Java on the Rio. From the code the process looks like you write a 0x03 to register 0x00. Then read two bytes from register 0x8F.

Read the code and manual for setting this sensor up.


so quick question, me and my team just got a new Lidar system. if you wouldn’t mind explaining how that works to me, i would be eternally grateful. also i was curious to hear if it could be used as a locking mechanism as well.

Are you asking how it works like in the physical/conceptual sense?

Are you asking how to interact with it in code?

What lidar system did you get? (Make/Model)

Also, you are going to have to explain what you mean by a locking mechanism…

Chief Delphi’s search function is pretty good at turning up related threads. And Google’s bound to get you some good information as well.

It seems as though a teammate of yours (@AnthonyRandall) has just made an account and this thread regarding lidar assistance.

honestly, it would be nice to just know everything. although we are running a bit short on time so i would like to know if it can lock a rotating plate in a certain direction so it is always targetting a specific target. also i would like to know about how to code the thing. the make/modle is a: LIDAR-Lite v3 Laser Ranging Module.

you sir are amazing, we are both trying to work on this in different areas. i appreciated that getting pointed out tho. in fact we are currently sitting next to each other having a good laugh

it seems you have found me

I only mention as typically, you’ll get better responses (you’ll get yourself closer to solving your problem) if:

  • Don’t post the same issue across threads (which was an accident, no biggy)
  • Provide context to the higher level problem you’re trying to solve (reminds me of the XY problem references by this post)
  • Last, and what I think most important, provide steps you’ve already taken to solve the problem on your own. This may be documents you’ve already read through and need clarification on, or the fact that you’re not sure what to search to find information regarding the topic.

I find those with experience in an area are more willing to share information/help others if they can see an effort being but forth to learn the topic individually. I also find myself more willing to spend some time helping someone if they’ve shown a desire to learn through their own research.

On the topic of LIDAR, I’ve got no experience. Good luck though!

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thank you

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