Help with making left trigger function

Hey there! Probably simple for most, but I can’t seem to make this work. I’m trying to get left trigger to act as a whileTrue though nothing is working for me. Thanks in advance! This is the code that was working, we just want it to be for left trigger instead.

new JoystickButton(m_driverController, XboxController.Button.kX.value)
.whileTrue(new RunCommand(
() → m_robotShooterIntake.runShooterIntake(),

Maybe something like this (I didn’t try it and don’t have this stuff memorized so I’ve left something for you to complete with proper syntax and tinker with the “50”).
new Trigger(() -> XboxController.LeftTrigger.value > 50).whileTrue(......)
[You should always post what you tried so responders have a context.]

You should look at :