Help with making robot move in auton

HELP, I’m trying out some basic lines of code for auton, consisting of a command group which is supposed to make the robot drive forward for 5 seconds then turn on the shooter motors for 2 seconds. However, when auton is enabled absolutely nothing happens. No errors, no current drawn, just nothing. The link to the code will be provided below for anyone interested, as always any help or feedback is appreciated.

I see getAutonomousCommand() returns the TestCommandGroup group, which has a two parameter constructor that adds commands, but you don’t seem to call that constructor anywhere?

Sorry for this idiot question but where is that constructor supposed to be called?

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In the file RobotContainer, around line 60-98 is the stuff that runs when the robot starts. 88-94 is where you call the constructors for your commands. You want one of the lines (line 95 would work) to be something like group = new TestCommandGroup(driveTrain, shooter);

I see, that makes sense. I’ll put that in right now and see if it helps

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Oh my stars ut worked i lvoe you


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