Help with making the Iiko walk in Maya?

Hello. I’m trying to make the Iiko walk for our animation but Im pretty inexperienced. I tried looking for tips to make the IIko walk but they were mostly for 3DS Max. Anybody have any good ideas for making the Iiko walk (relatively easily) in Maya?


My team used a reference picture like to make a walk cycle, which would be 24 frames (24 frames/sec.) that when repeated creates a smooth walk.

The picture is really helpful because it shows you the positions the legs should be in at each frame. All you do is go to the frame, position the legs, make a keyframe and go on and do the same for the next. This should create smooth transitions between each leg position.

Is there a skeleton/rig setup for the iiko in Maya? Last year we used 3ds max and used it pre-rigged, but this year the team decided to switch to Maya.

There is a rig that comes with it; alternately, you could make one and skin it.

How do you…get to the rig?

On that page at the top, the red button that says “3D files” will open a window with different files to download, one of them is the maya rig

I figured out the walk cycle but now my iiko is white instead of the normal color and the body doesn’t show up in render view. Does anybody know why this happens?