Help With Max and Min on Sliders

I am using C++ and trying to change the sliders to select our position and defense for autonomous. I am having trouble finding a way to change the max and min of the sliders from their default 0-5. I would like to change them to 0-8. Does anyone know how to do this or a place that shows you how to do this?

I assume you’re talking about the four analog values on the Basic tab of the default Dashboard program?

That program is written in LabVIEW. To change it, you’ll need to have LabVIEW installed and you’ll have to be able to use it. Just create a new Dashboard project and modify those controls to have the range you want them to.

You can type numbers directly into the white boxes to the right of the sliders, and they aren’t limited to the 0-5 range. So you might be able to do what you want without making any changes to the Dashboard program.