Help with posting two questions in the official Q&A of VexIQ

Need some help. Been a parent FLL coach in partnership with our Elementary school coach for 8 years. Our county schools only does VexIQ in middle school and this year I am back to mentoring/coaching kids in VexIQ through our MS. I have done VexIQ privately in the past for reasons beyond the scope of this post.

I had hopes that Vex events have gotten better because it seems they have expanded core values and code of conduct policies. However, it seems that they are just words written but not followed through.

There are numerous conflicts of interests involving the EP and Judge advisor of tournaments our school attends. I need official ruling on a couple of technicalities or requirements of the engineering notebook that was announced at said EP’s event that I strongly believe is in error.

I have asked both the Region REC Event Engagement Manager and REC Team Engagement Manager for help and they said they are unable to answer my questions. They directed me to post on the Q&A of robotevents knowing I cannot post there as a parent mentor.

If anyone here has the credentials to post on and are willing to help post my questions, please let me know and I can post the content of questions here. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

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I have the credentials to post, can you post the question or dm it to me?

Would you please confirm the answers to Questions 1 & 2? There was differing opinions at our last tournament.

Question 1

In order to qualify for Excellence and Design awards, is it a requirement for an engineering notebook to only have one dated entry per page? You cannot have multiple dated entries on the same page.

The Notebook Design Rubric does not mention the restriction to one dated entry per page; rather it only asks for chronological dated entries.

The Guide to Judging Engineering Notebook states each page or entry should be chronologically dated, but again does not restrict to one entry per page.


Overview: The Engineering NotebookREC Foundation programs help students develop life skills that they may use in their academic and professional future. Documenting work in an Engineering Notebook …

  • Each page/entry chronologically numbered and dated.


An example engineering notebook posted on the REC website exemplifies the opposing stance; it contains numerous pages where each page span a range of dates in chronological order.

Question 2

In order to qualify for Excellence and Design awards, is it a requirement for an engineering notebook to have X-ed out any unused spaces after an entry?

The Notebook Design Rubric does not mention this as a requirement.

Engineering Notebook for patents does not require this anymore.


Patents and the Engineering Notebook

Prior to 2013, patents were awarded to inventors who were first to invent. To prove that you were the first to invent something, meticulous notes, sketches, and test data were required. Documentati…

  • Crossing out unused parts of a page is no longer necessary because there is no need to show that nothing was added after the page was created.

Note: For student Engineering Notebooks that are submitted for awards with REC Foundation programs, please follow the information in the Guide to Judging: Judging Engineering Notebooks .


The above note directs one back to the Guide to Judging which does not require X-ing out of unused pages.

Thank you for your help.

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As someone who has judged before, I think I can answer these.

You answered your own question here and could cite the passage this is found in. When I competed, I had multiple days on one page and won the multiple judges awards including at worlds.

Again, same thing. It is not a requirement.

Most of the RECF/vex docs contain descriptions of what you can’t do, not what you can. If you’re still unclear, let me know.

Reading between the lines… OP seems to know that those are the answer, but their event provider has announced or insisted otherwise. They are asking for your help to generate a direct reference in vexiq faq rules docs to say that the event provider is wrong and their team should qualify for awards with a notebook that has multiple entries per page and does not x out unused pages.


Makes sense. I’ll upload them when I get back to my computer.

Yes, you read between the lines correctly. Before awards, the Judge advisor announced that #1and 2 are requirements to be considered for Excellence or Design. The kids’ notebook is directly affected by these technical requirements. They won Innovation, so they’re not completely devastated being excluded from Design and they knew they didn’t stand a chance at Excellence since they just finished their bot the day before competition.

However, our team is about to attend another tournament by the same EP, and this time they would like a shot at those awards. Regional Event engagement manager and Team engagement manager do not want to go against but also aren’t siding with the EP. They directed me to post on Q&A at robotevents.

We really need an official ruling that we can show the EP. We found out that the Judge advisor is also the EP’s wife and their kid is on one of the teams that competed. Their kid’s team drove well and of course won Excellence—with disapproval heard from people in the room afterwards—because of the multiple conflicts of interest. Their kid’s team may have deserved the award, but it just did not look good.

Thanks again.


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