Help with programing saitekx36f joystick and throttle

I am having a hard time trying to find what the pins do for the controller. I sent an e-mail to their tech support but that doesn’t work anyone where i can find this information that i seek.

If you’re lazy you could just print out all input from the port and try and figure out what it’s giving you. Otherwise, I have no idea.

Either print values for each variable (p1_x, p1_y, etc) to the screen and see what changes as you push each joystick button or get a multimeter and measure voltage at each pin.

Thanks you all i will try it but we are closing up shop today.

I don’t think even Saitek can be sure what the pins on the X36F do anymore. Development on that device was discontinued a decade ago. It uses a bizarre combination of serial port, keyboard port, and game port connections in order to communicate with a driver that runs only on the Windows 98 operating system.

The only way I know of to connect it to an IFI Operator Interface joystick port (without ripping the guts out of the joystick and rewiring it as a simpler 15-pin game port device) is to also use an X36T USB throttle control and a Chicklet USB-to-joystick-port converter. You might get lucky and find that it works as an Aviator or ST290, but you more likely will have to pay for the Chicklet to be reprogrammed to recognize the X36 system.