Help With Programming!

Im really new to C and I really dont know what Im doing…and its crunch time.

First, the drive train, I have four different motors, the front wheels CIM motors and the back wheels on drill motors, I really am not sure how I would go about programming this so the robot moves.

Second, the pneumatics, Im not really sure how to program the buttons to the joystick, nor am I sure how to program the pressure switches.

Can somebody HELP ME!?

Thanks guys

I believe there’s another thread about your drive train… look there.

As for pneumatics, you’ll want to hook them up to solenoids, and then power the solenoids off of spikes (relays). Then, use the relayX_fwd and relayX_rev (X = 1 to 8) to control the various relays. Likewise, use the pX_sw_BLAH (X = 1 to 8 again, BLAH is the name of the specific switch/button - see ifi_aliases.h).


We’re doing the same drive, except that they’re geared together. Make sure the free speeds match, but that’s a mechanical thing.

I’d also recommand reading the programming guide and other stuff under “C programming” section in yes it’s very time consuming, but at least it’d tell you the basics. Hey, all three of us programmers this year are newbies at C =)

I am newbie, too. i dont know any thing about programming so can someone help me? I need to know how to program spikes and make dead reckoning code.

Look at your threads…