Help with rangefinder sensor (RobotC)

Now that we’re heading into our second year, we’re attempting to implement some sensors into our robot. Better now, than during next season see, because then we know what we’re doing. Moreso, anyway. Anyway, we have a Parallax Ping)))), and it’s wired up to Digital IO 1 and 2. But we can’t seen to get it to work in the code. It shows values between 0 and 1 in debug.

Anyone have any ideas or experience in this area?

The Ping))) outputs a measured distance by outputting a pulse of a certain time. With our controller, finding this time and converting it back to a distance will be pretty hard.

We’re trying out some Maxbotix Ultrasonic sensors, and they seem to work well, and they’re easy to connect and program. We’re using the analog out on the Maxbotix ones, and it gives a clear, steady signal. I highly recommend them to any team because of my experience so far.

If you still want to try the Ping))), search Chief Delphi for it. I know there have been teams that has used this sensor before, and you can possibly find some code to get it running. Here is the instruction manual for the Ping))).

We’ve already found some code for it in MPLab and EasyC, but couldn’t port it over to RobotC.

To be honest, we’re really only using the Ping because it was what our local RadioShack had.

Anyway though, we’ve seen the sample codes, read the manuals, and it still doesn’t seem to work.

I haven’t used RobotC, but it appears they support a “Sonar” sensor, which probably works the same as your ultrasonic sensor.

Yep. It didn’t seem to work.

It seems RobotC may be easier to get of the ground with, but possibly less functional overall. Or harder to implement more advanced features, or something.