Help with RealVNC

Hello all… I am new here
I have a problem with real VNC and remote connection.
I have a local IP 192.168.XX.XX and my ISP gave me this IP and it is behind a Cisco Router so i can not make port forwarding !!!1 :yikes: if anyone have a solution for this problem i will be very thankfull.


you should be able to use PuTTY to forward ports and such.

also, this should tell you how to use vnc through PuTTY tunneling.

From within your network try going to 192.168.XX.1 (where XX matches whatever IP address you’ve been given) in a web browser. With any luck you’ll be given an administrative interface that lets you set up port forwarding, etc.

If I understand your setup correctly then what neo suggested won’t help you because the problem isn’t you getting out, it’s you getting in from the outside.

So, if you can’t get the administrative interface and change your settings, then what you want is the opposite: a reverse tunnel. That setup requires that you have access to some machine somewhere else which isn’t behind a firewall which doesn’t allow incoming traffic. You could try and for a bit of information (for Linux and Mac OS X respectively). There’s probably a way to do it on Windows, too (Google for reverse tunnel).

If I’m not mistaken, he’s sharing a connection, such as through a corporate network or an apartment building, so accessing the administrative inferface won’t work.

Hamachi may help. Basically, it lets you quickly set up a (very secure) VPN, even if the server computer (your home, in this case) is behind a firewall.

I’ve never actually used it, but there is a Security Now episode which discusses it. (Don’t remember which one, sorry. Quite a while back though.)

i second that hamachi recomendation…its a really good program for vpn’s…really nifty for ‘LAN-ing’ over the internet in games and such (i use it a lot), and i’m almost certain it will work here too. (its also useful b/c u can share the files over the internet as if it was on LAN)