Help with Recruitment Tactics

Happy Summer everyone! :smiley:

Since the 2003-2004 season is over and robotics has quieted down a little, the time has come up for recruiting new students. My team (648) has had a difficult time recruiting new students for our team. We have pushed the team in the schools (presentations, assemblies, etc) but no one seems interested.

We need to recruit more students before the 2006 season or we will probably be forced to dissolve our team. Does anyone have ANY ideas for recruiting new students? (ANYTHING will be helpful)


yeah one thing i have learned while talking with many teams is those who push the idea of over $4 million available to seniors and some juniors in college scholarships, get more people intersted. Also push the ideas that FIRST is about more then engineering and it covers everything from engineering and manufacturing to PR work, the animation and website designs to small business organization and structure…
Just a few ideas, if you want to know some other things feel free to pm me or email me and i can try to get you a better plan of designs and information for recruitment.

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Good luck!