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So im working on trying to make my robot move and the vectors are flashing the lights correctly and the code is deploying and its connected on frc driverstation but for some reason it doesnt come up on phoenix tuner and i cant see the robot or the CAN

What are the victors flashing exactly? They should blink yellow while disabled, solid yellow when enabled, blink green for forward command, red for reverse.

Is your can bus wired green to green, yellow to yellow? Do you have a terminator at the end (usually the PDP)?

Have you installed the phoenix driver on the rio?

The lights on the vectors or flashing orange the can wires are wired correctly with yellow to yellow and green to green. Im not entirely sure what you are talking about the pdp. And how do i check to see if i downloaded phoenix onto the roborio? I think it is though because usingn the same roborio the robot has moved

Turn it off and turn it back on.

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Yea i have multiple times restarted robot and computer

@string2020 It might be helpful if you posted several photos of your setup, taken from different angles. Make sure one of them shows the whole system. Sometimes, there might be an error of some sort that you are not aware of so you don’t mention it in your post.

I will do as soon as i can! Ty sorry for the delaying, studying ya know

Sweet, looking forward to it. I’d also say we should start here.

The following block is a bit of an introduction to the questions you might be asked, and the reason they’re being asked… not necessarily something to worry about or crank through now, but just putting this here to help you get a peek into the heads of the folks helping you debug.

As a high level overview - keep in mind we have no idea about what your robot looks like, what your electrical setup is, what your programming background is, what you have or haven’t tried yet… we all collectively have very little info. Now, to be honest, there’s probably not a ton of information that’s actually required to solve this particular issue. But, first things first, we need to start differentiating what matters from what doesn’t.

You’ve started off in the right direction - you’ve started to describe the symptoms you’re seeing. I assume you’re talking specifically about the Victor SPX - I say this because there are multiple speed controllers with “Victor” in their name, and type can matter.

When you say flashing orange - I assume you’re specifically referring to the “CAN Bus Detected, Robot Disabled” condition mentioned in the table on page 11 of their user guide. If you can, cross check that that table and confirm that’s the indication you have. In particular, just confirming it’s not actually the red slow blink (no CAN bus) - those two issues would produce different-looking paths of investigation.

Philso’s request for a picture is a very good one - it will help folks identify quickly if there’s obvious wiring or setup issues. It may not point us directly to root cause, but it will convey a lot of information quickly… faster than we could ask/answer questions in a forum here.

I’ll add - if you can post a complete copy of your code (ideally in a git repo)… That would be very helpful in understanding what your roboRIO is attempting to do to the motor controllers when interacting with them. Again, may not point to root cause, but may help figure out part of the puzzle.

Per your PDP question - I recommend reviewing the hardware system documentation. I’d also recommend referencing one of the summary diagrams for how components get wired together - this is one of the best ones out there Familiarity with this will help the conversation and troubleshooting flow much faster, as we’ll all be speaking the same vocabulary.

Ultimately, there’s a lot of moving pieces between “pheonix tuner displaying something on your computer” and “Particular Victor SPX motor controller on your robot” - the computer itself, pheonix tuner software version, a radio and wifi network, the roboRIO, the software on the roboRIO, the CAN bus wiring, the other devices on the CAN bus, the firmware on the SPX, the hardware of the SPX itself… just to name a few. The first step in any investigation like that is to narrow down which pieces can be confirmed functional, to narrow the scope of the search. A lot of the questioning will be targeted at that checkout. As we narrow down what is working and what isn’t, we’ll be able to get much more detailed until we stumble across actual problems and fix them.

Finally - it’s very possible that the symptoms you’re seeing are from a “stack” of multiple problems. Just because one change doesn’t fix everything doesn’t mean it was the wrong change - again, the mindset is to be looking component by component, and pushing the system toward a “More correct” direction.

Best of luck, and thanks for reading!


What else should i take a photo of? As u can see the robot is connected on frc drive station but the CAN devices dont show up

Ok. I zoomed in on the photo, can’t find anything obviously wrong with the wiring, so that’s good.

Though I’d need to see your code to confirm, you’ll probably want to run in teleop to execute your code. Just FYI.

If you notice, phoenix tuner is attempting to connect over USB to the roboRIO - is there a USB cable going from your laptop directly to the roboRIO?

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Also have you installed the Diagnostic server by clicking the button with the green text on the first tab?

How tight are those wood screws holding the Victors to the electronics board and how did you tighten them? They look pretty flush with the top of the victors, so I’m concerned you may have over tightened them and damaged the motor controllers.

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