Help With Robotics Team Name

Our school robotics team just got school board approval last night. We are now trying to come up with a name for our team. We are from Washington Community High School, in Illinois and our mascot is the Panther. Our School colors are orange and black.

Any suggestions are good, except tornado jokes…too soon

Using the Panter mascot is probably not a great idea since it’s fairly overused (40 panther teams already in existence, but hey, the eagle situation is worse at 104 teams). I would just brainstorm some cool, memorable names. There doesn’t necessarily need to be a connection to the school.

The Washington Machines.

It should be what the students want. A lot of teams use acronyms as their name (107 Team R.O.B.O.T.I.C.S.) some of them use random name generators to come up with thier name (1902 Exploding Bacon) and then there are some teams with some goofy names (217 Thunderchickens).

But by far, best name ever (in my opinion) is 326 Teamsuperpowermaticultramegasuperlativeawesometasticdelcioushowlingunieagles

Yes that is their name.

A team name should ideally be distinctive, not “bad”*, and something that everyone can really get behind as a brand and team identity. Many are serious, many are humorous.

Is your team only from the one school? Any chance you might have students from elsewhere in the future? An identity separate from the school, however, isn’t any better or worse than one tied to it.

One idea might be Tazewell County Tigers, so you could use the school colors, but not be a panther. But don’t let the Internet tell you what to do.

*By “bad”, I’m generalizing to say that it should be, say, “Washington Community High School Robotics Team”**, something hateful, or the like.
**unless that made a cool acronym, but WCHSRT isn’t

Well, if you’re from Washington HS, maybe something presidential?

Robot Commanders-In-Chief
Leaders of the FRC World
The Executives

The Squares (your town has a lovely town square, IIRC).
Do you know what your team number is going to be? Sometimes that will give you some inspiration.

But not The FEDS. :smiley:

^^ This. (It made me laugh out loud at the cleverness of it, and I know I would definitely remember your team name afterward.)

Washington Washers?
According to CowScout there isn’t 1 team with washer in there name.
Just make sure you check the name on CowScout ad the blue alliance. Theirs nothing that made me more mad than finding out that some newer team copied our name and claims to be the first.

Remind me, is “Yooper Troopers” team 3771 (defunct) or team 4988?

Does it have to have your school’s name or mascot in it? I mean, a lot of other schools don’t. What is around your school that you wouldn’t mind having be the name for your team for years to come?

(Pi)nthers (Pi + Panthers)

Washington Wildcats (not sure if this is taken)

Panthers^10º (panthers to the 10th degree or the year the school was founded like 1982 so Panthers^82º)

There’s so much to come up with. These are just to get an idea of perhaps incorporating science and technology in the name. Or you can be different and use food. lol

I am just going to add Washerton to the list.

Hmm…maybe something catchy like Washbotics? Or Illonoids?

I actually like the Washington Machines

You might want to see if the students on the team want to take a vote on the name you’ll use, and whatever name your team chooses you should be sure to stick with it, just to have a consistent image throughout the years. At first we were simply known as Adams Robotics, but instead built our team image on AdamBots for over a decade now (pay no attention to the one year we were called the Golden Eyes).

Agreed. Whatever you end up with, try to get people to committed to it and build a brand around it. Even if you end up going with something relatively “less interesting,” build an identity, whether it’s with lights or washing machine hats or anything else. Your team’s branding is the first thing people notice, to the point of making your name less important (example, my team, Blue Twilight, doesn’t use Blue Twilight so much as Team 2220, and most of our branding is LEDs everywhere and stars).

I like.

I like a lot.

This is just the kind of tongue-in-cheek humor that makes a team’s name perfect.

My idea for my team’s name when we first started was Team Titanic. We’d build extravagant machines, only to watch them fail horribly! I think Team Titanium worked out better in the end.

+1 for Washington Machines. So much potential with that.

Washing machine with a presidential seal anyone?