Help with rules Clarification

Our rookie team has designed a catapult arm that is powered by a SiMM motor and a electromagnetic clutch system… see picture. Our mentor team has said that it should be ok but the check the rules again.

I know that the SIMM motor is an allowable part however I am not 100% on the rest of the contraption and I am not family with how it was machine shopped together. I know that winches are illegal.

Any insight would be helpful. We have already had an issue where we designed parts around an actuator that turned out not to be on the approved list. If I cant get a definite answer I am going to be forced to err on the side of caution and scrap the design.

Where did you get that idea? Many teams, including mine, are using winches.

Also, the photo does not show up.

I’m not seeing the picture…

It looks like you’re trying to link to a file on Dropbox. The way you did it only works if you are logged in. What you need to do instead is right-click on the file and choose “Share Dropbox link” to put a URL into the clipboard, then paste it here.

There are a few problems with your question that will need to be cleared up before you can get useful opinions. The big one is that you can’t get an official clarification of the rules from Chief Delphi. Only the Game Design Committee can give answers with the force of rules, and only on the official Q&A forum that your lead mentor can access.

The medium-sized problem is that you apparently “know” things that aren’t true. That can keep us from communicating well, since we aren’t starting from a common base of knowledge. It’ll take some concentrated effort to make sure neither of us is misinterpreting the other.

The teeny problem is that “SIMM” is a small computer memory circuit board. The shiny black heavy motor you’re obviously referring to is a “CIM”.