Help with servos

Our gripper utilizes to servos that open and close the mechanism to allow for a tube to fit snuggly in the area. The servos sit on the mechanism opposite mirroring each other. The issue we are having is, how to control both of the servos that turn in opposite directions with labView. I can pull both of the servos in and then use the Joysticks to set the position ( throttle controls going opposite directions currently ) but I want to control them both with one throttle control. Can anyone think of a decent, simple and clean approach to this problem?

You can connect the joystick output to two servos, and Negate one of them.

You could also use joystick buttons:
Use a logic switch (from the Comparison palette) and connect the switch (center input) to one of the buttons. True would set the value if you press the button, False would set the value if you don’t press the button. Once again, you can connect it to both servos and Negate one. I recommend the not-pressed state to be closed if you do this, since claws are closed most of the time.