help with setting up eclipse & netbeans

Hey this is Andy with team 3871 and last year was our rookie year… and we wanted to improve on programming I.E.- instead of using labview try java… to make a long store short i have netbeans and JDK installed properly i think? and have attempted to install the frc plugins. but how do i know if every thing is working / dose anyone have a sample code that i could try to see if every thing working.
I am not familiar with netbeans, but i am kinda with eclipse, and would like to use it rather than netbeans, but can not seem to figure out how to install FRC plugins. if some one could walk me through how to do this as well i / we would appreciate it.
Andy & Team 3871

In netbeans, go to File > New > Project, and if the plugin is installed properly, there should be a folder for FRC Java. In there are various templates to get you started. If it ISN’T done right, go to page 6 on this document and follow the instructions. and the update site is for the URL is this

NOT whatever is listed in the document

As for Eclipse (I’m doing this from memory now), you go to help>install new software, and add the following repo/source

That should allow you to install the plugins, but I can’t remember how you set the team number like you do in Netbeans.

OK thanks I will give that a try later. Will let you know if I get it going… do you have to put your team# in it?

::ouch:: ok i thought i got the plugins downlowded on eclipse but when i try to compile the example it comes up with 2 diferent errors…

Description Resource Path Location Type
Project ‘Team3871’ is missing required library: ‘C:\Eclipse\eclipse-SDK-4.2M3-win32\eclipse\plugins\edu.wpi.first.javadev.sunspotfrcsdk_1.0.6.6\sunspotfrcsdk\lib\WPILibJ\classes.jar’ Team3871 Build path Build Path Problem
The project cannot be built until build path errors are resolved Team3871 Unknown Java Problem

go to Tools/Options/Miscellaneous and clik on the FRC Configuration Tab to set the team #. If the tab is not there, then the FRC addin’s have not successfully be installed ( I presume)

Go to tools/plugins, select installed tab and make sure you see 5 FRC related entries in the list. If not, they are not yet installed

I’m thinking, but I’m not sure, u need to netbeans to download the api and then u link the api with eclipse. Do what de_ recommends first, then look into what I said. I personally am not sure how to go about this.