Help with sonar sensor

How can i wire this to the 2006 RC?

and will I be able to program it?
as of now i’m guessing i should use PWM output to generate a signal and analog to receive the pinging

how would i do that?

did you get the mini-a transducer?

we ordered a pair of those about a week ago, and they are supposed to come in tomorrow or Tuesday. as soon as i get a crack at them, I’ll tell you what i can figure out

until then, just remember … don’t wire them straight to the battery :ahh: :smiley:

ours came in, and from what i’ve read, you have your ground and power pins, and then you have the TTL out put (like what the camera uses)

you would find the pin designations on your RC (the TTL port) and make a custom cable that brings your power and ground to an un used pwm port, and your input pins into the TTL port on the robot

the downside to this … no camera, because you only have one TTL port :frowning:

i’m still looking into this, and if i can find a way to hook this up using an analog or digital input instead, that would be great

if you have any more questions or more specific questions specific to your model feel free to PM me

good luck!

You could use a TTL level converter (like the MAX232), and hook the device up to the program port (serial port 1, I believe). From there, it is actually a bit simpler to use the program port, as you can use printf()s and the like to “talk” to it. This will allow you to use the camera, but may hinder debugging a bit, as you have no easy way for the RC to “talk” to you.