Help with sprockets?

Hi everyone. Like probably everyone else, we are in a bind here at the almost-last-minute. We just discovered that we need two hub sprockets, and we can’t find them available anywhere, so I thought I’d just ask if there is anyone on here who might have them and sell them to us.

We need two hubbed sprockets for #25 chain, 16T or 18T, 10mm bore with 4mm keyway (to fit on a PG 27 motor/gearbox).

Help? USPS small flat rate box will get it here pretty quick and pretty cheaply. We’ll pay shipping plus whatever you think is a good price. Plus lots of aloha!


Squillo from 2465, KauaiBots

You might have an easier time converting the output shaft of the PG27/71 to a standard size with the adapter below.

And it looks like they have the sprocket you need.

Just left the shop for the day. I will be in and check for you in the morning.

I am almost certain I have them. Several spares for our lift but you are welcome to them.


Thanks so much! Just ordered the adapters and sprockets - problem solved. Mahalo!!! See you in Honolulu.

FYI, James (our fearless leader) retired from robotics. So the rest of us are kind of muddling through this year - learning SO much. We have great kids, but it’s a bit of a challenge! Still, we’ll be there, with some kind of robot!

I was able to find one of the 16t #25 sprockets you wanted…
I think I know where the other is and will go pull out the “retired” items this afternoon…

Do you still need these while you wait for the parts you ordered?

Let me know,


Oh, thanks, but we’ll be fine with the adapters and ones we ordered. They were able to ship them with the rest of our last order, so we’ll have everything in time to get our grabber (intake) together (it’s going to be part of our withholding allowance anyway; we’re scrabbling to get a first draft done by bag&tag, at least we’ll have a practice bot to refine it).

Our elevator works great, now it’s just getting our intake done and integrated. CAD says it should be a piece of cake (but then again, the cake is a lie…)