Help with strategy for reading SPARK Max error codes

I’ve had a couple of instances where we’ve had a Sensor Error on our Spark Max controllers and I didn’t notice it until we did a phyisical drive test. So, I was getting bogus autonomous testing data, and didn’t know it.

Does anyone have a recommended strategy for detecting an error status on REV SPARK / FLEX motor controllers that don’t chew up a heap of CAN bandwidth. Seems like it’s something that only needs to be done intermittdedly, or is there an automatic return status that I can check periodically?

We are using Java and the REVlib library.


According to SPARK MAX Control Interfaces | REV ION Brushless, faults seem to be part of the periodic status frame 0, so I would imagine you wouldnt encounter much of a performance penalty calling something like max.getFault(FaultID.kSensorFault) periodically. This is something I will be testing today as part of the litany of things I need to do, so I can’t comment on whether I am correct or not yet.

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That was the pointer I needed.

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