Help with swerve drive

Hello, I am a member of the FRC team 2503, and we are working on swerve drive. This is going to be our project for the year instead of competitions, we have gotten the modules mostly wired, however they may be wrong. We have looked through multiple example codes, however with the new WIPLib updates many of the old functions have been deprecated, and we don’t know how to translate it. If anyone can help us, or point us to someone who can that would be great.
Swerve and Steer - AndyMark Inc

Hi! Excited to hear that you are trying out swerve. Can you clarify a few things for us so we can help you better?

  • You said your wiring may be wrong. Can you send photos of your setup? That would help us make sure that you have it right/wrong. This page is helpful for learning how to wire your motors, controllers, etc. to the PDP so it is a good place to look. Further, the wiring diagram from @stefenacepcion is great and can be found here.

  • Can we see your code you need to translate? WPILIb is great and has a myraid of example projects that use their modern updates. Here is their Swerve Bot example code in Java and C++. Take a look at these examples and it should put you on a better track.

Hello sorry i should probably have been more specific, we dont know if we wired the swerve drive modules correctly. We used the digital inputs for the built in encoders.

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