Help with Team 254 TrajectoryLib

Hey guys!
We were attempting to use the library and were wondering what the parameters for the construction of a waypoint are in terms of real world measurements. link here


They used inches. Units don’t matter though. You get data back in the same units that you put in.

The problem I’m having is that the values I put in the waypoints don’t actually result in the robot moving that distance. What I’ve discovered through experimentation is that if I change the max_vel, the distance the robot travels changes.

What I want is for the robot to drive 8 feet forward. The waypoints I’m using are (0, 0, 0,) and (8, 0, 0). All the values I feed into the motion mapping algorithms are in feet. The robot does not actually go 8 feet; instead it goes to a different destination depending on what Max velocity we input. Does anyone know any possible causes?

How did you tune kp, kd, kv, and ka?