Help with the batteries - Dallas Regional


This year our team (1860 - Cephatron), will participate in Dallas Regional and we would to ask about some help with the batteries, because we are a international team (Brazil) and for us that need to do a international trip, the battery transportation is very difficult (So, our all batteries will stay here, in Brazil).:mad:

We are planning to buy 3 batteries when we arrive in Dallas.:ahh:

At the end of the competition, again we will have problems to transport the batts to Brazil, so we will donate for any team that want.:eek:

Could some teams do a favor and lend for us one or more batts. ? This will help us. At the end we will devolve these batteries.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Team 1860


Team 148 will be happy to lend you some extra batteries for the regional. We can bring 6 batteries over to your pit on Thursday morning. Consider it our friendly welcome to Texas :slight_smile:

Ok, Jeff.

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:



Team 3413 would also be glad to help
if you need tools or equipment.
Welcome to Texas (:

If you need chargers for the batteries we can help you there.

Hope y’all enjoy your stay here in our great state of Texas!

We’re bringing 4-5 batteries as well. You’re quite welcome to what you need! Come on by…welcome to Dallas! We have a great Regional!!!:smiley:

Let me double check with my team. But I’m 100% sure we will some spare parts and tools for other teams to use. The devastators wish best of luck to all teams and we hope you devaste the competiton

Just a short note about 1860 Cephatron: They have been coming up to New Jersey & New York for a few years now, and we’ve become friends. They are an awesome team, with a TON of enthusiasm, and are very friendly. Like Texans.

Not everyone on the team speaks “perfect” English, so make sure you visit them and get them to practice it!

They were in danger of dropping out of FRC this year because their main sponsor couldn’t help them, so I am personally very glad to see that they’re still around this year!