Help with the cRIO Imaging Tool?

Hey guys,
Rookie Team Posting again :yikes: . Our team is having problems getting the cRIO working. on the guide, we got stuck on Page 3 # 5
5) From the Select Image list, select the most recent file to download the FRC_2010_xx image to the cRIO. The FRC_2010_xx image consists support for LabVIEW, C/C++, and Java program.
Where are we suppose to find the “FRC_2010_(versionnumber).zip” files? Thanks guys, I appreciate the help.

Also, if it matters, we were planning on using Java. Thanks again!

If I am not mistaken, look in the “Getting Started with the 2011 FRC Control System.pdf”. There will be a link to National Instruments that you can get the zip file. You will have to log in as a team of course.

EDIT: Sorry, the java does not have a link in the pdf file that I have. But the documents you are looking for are from the National Instruments website.
And are you kidding? We LOVE rookie teams :slight_smile:

What language are you looking to get started in?

He stated Java. :slight_smile:

Oops I’ve learned to ignore the last line in a CD post, unfortunately they had no sig :).

If you get a dropBox account, I’ll share my starting java code with you.

Also, I’ve posted a video walkthrough to getting started programming with your robot.

The image should be available after you install the first plugin for netbeans.

the two links i got to in the video are:

and the netbeans update site is:

Again where I do not image the cRIO in the vide, you should see the files you are looking for after you follow the steps through installing the netbeans plugin.

excuse the quality of the video, I made it in my basement late last night, but I think it should help. In order to get coding with my sample code, you’ll have to get that dropbox account.