help with the inventor[robot part missing] (ajuda no inventor[parte do robo faltando]

good morning folks ^^

we are building the robot on the Inventor 11 and we need a kind of metal strap to connect the wheels to the CIM motor… if you know how to make it, or to download it, please tell us!!!

good work for everyone^^

Bom dia pessoal ^^

a gente tah montando o robo no Inventor 11 e precisamos de uma correia de metal pra ligar as rodas no motor CIM... se vcs sabem como fazer ou como baixar de algum lugar.... por favor nos diga!!!

bom trabalho a todos^^

What the size, holes, thickness?

Could you post photos of this part on your robot to help us understand what it is?

The only remotely strap-like metal between the CIM and the wheels on the kitbot is a chain…

here are the photos of what we wanna do…:smiley:

thanks for the help^^

Chains are tough to make. If you don’t plan on animating it, Here is a post explaining how to make a stationary one.

thanks a lot^^ it really helped us!!!:smiley: