Help with the Nav MXP

Can anybody give me any tips on coding with the Nav MXP in Java?

I’d recommend taking a look at the source code and checking out their example on how to use it:

You should find it all there. The Nav MXP uses the same libraries as it’s previous version the Nav6.

Our team has been looking to purchase the Nav MXP; however, it’s always been sold out before we could place an order.

In addition, you’ll find team 2465’s java open-source drive code helpful. Our practice bot uses a nav6, and our competition bot uses a navX MXP for Field-Oriented Drive and also Rotate-to-Angle - both of which are useful features for this year’s game. This code is based on black Jaguar’s (which also enables PID-based speed control for traction control, which can really help make a mecanum drive system work better). Note that the official documentation for the navX MXP is at; there’s navX-MXP-specific information there.