Help with the prusha i3 mk3

I am trying to repair this printer but have been unable to get it to work, it keeps failing and dragging on the paper any tips

I would highly recommend trying prusa support, it is amazing! I know my coach has a problem with bearings and they sent him replacement parts for free! You can find it on the website, it is a blurb that props up on the bottom right side of the screen.


I find these forums to be a good place as well as they go over many types of issues but as @ElliotS said going to prusa’s website their support staff are amazing.

Also, your description is extremely vague. How is it failing? What paper? What are you trying to do before it starts dragging? What starts dragging?

(I’ve never heard of a “Prusha” printer. :wink: Understood what you meant though.)

There’s only one reason why paper would be dragging (assuming that you’re following their instructions), and in that circumstance, I sure hope that you turned the printer off immediately; otherwise, you run the risk of damaging the heatbed.

I would recommend contacting prusa support (their live chat is awesome), or going to the unofficial (but very large & high quality) Prusa discord server, which can be found at

Your bed calibration sensor might be too high. See picture below.

I usually bypass the paper calibration and just do the first layer and live tune Z.